Choice over circumstance

Hey hunnies.

I'm sure by now you have realised that I tend to a lot of DMC's (deep, meaningful conversations) with most of my friends and honestly, that is where most of my blog ideas emerge. So when I do mention that I had a convo with a friend recently, know that they are the inspiration behind the blog.

So this past week, I was having a power chat with a friend. LOL! And he mentioned something so powerful during the conversation. I don't think he knew what he had just said was as amazing as it sounded to my mind but I jotted it down into my phone and knew I had just found a topic for this week's blog.

He basically said:

"There are always two directions to choose from in life - there is circumstance and then there is what you create from the circumstance."

I'm going to try and explain this the way I interpreted it in my mind.

We all have and will again go through bad circumstances, no matter how big or small. Be it getting your heart broken, losing a job or being stood up for a date. Obviously, based on who you are and where you are in life determines the 'severity' of the circumstance.

From the bad situations, this is where the choices come in - you can either choose to dwell in the pain of getting your heart broken or create a better situation from the heartache. Ill use a lighter example, like getting stood up - if you know that you genuinely like the company of the person who stood you up, you can choose to miss out on being in their refreshing company by deciding to never see them again because of the circumstance of them standing you up OR you can choose to create a good outcome out of a bad situation. Choosing to overlook the pain/embarrassment and bask in a moment of not caring about what happened previously and just going on another date to experience something you KNOW makes you feel good.

Choose. Create. Be happy. You don't always need to remind yourself of the bad that a good person has done to you. If you genuinely like the person, create the outcome that YOU want and don't let the negatives rule your choices. It's either you make the best of it or the worst of it. Only you know when you're failing. You either choose to sit in the darkness of being grumpy and upset or you make light of the situation and create a better environment for yourself.

Ill conclude this blog as he concluded our conversation -

"You cannot deny a good experience. You can't front. If u can't recognize the sunshine, then stay in the dark."


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