My Lessons From Love

So it’s only fair to share my lessons in love after the breakup, just as I shared the lessons while I was in love.

What’s good, Kings and Queens?

I have decided to share some of the most personally crucial lessons I
have learned from my experience with Love…regardless of the success
rate of the relationship. Haha!

I will start by quoting the title of one of my favourite books (What I know for sure is) from my idol Oprah.

I feel like love always deserves all the chances in the world. No matter how many heartbreaks you experience, when your heart gracefully whispers that it’s ready to experience Love again, you jump at that opportunity. Please do not rob yourself by building high, unbreakable walls around your heart because of past mistakes. Your past does not deserve any of that attention. You will never get anything in return from your past. Its job is done and it owes you nothing either. But without a doubt, do not jump when you are not ready.

Like Oprah said “Ain’t nothing cute about baggage”.

Trust your intuition at all times because it will never ever misguide you. Your gut is your best friend.
Your spirit guide. And when the gut gently nudges you, saying “No”, “Not now”, “Be patient” You listen and act upon that nudge with immediate
effect. Don’t question it because in doing so, you’re only giving your ego an opportunity to answer. Which is what misguides us into regret and confusion almost every single time.

I’ve learned how important it is to Love Yourself! It makes Loving the next person so effortless. You will immediately and always know how you deserve to treated. And you are less shattered when it does not work out because you are reminded that you walked into the relationship with Love and so you will walk out with your Love still in tact.

Loyalty feels so damn good. To commit wholeheartedly and unconditionally to a being that you Love is so spiritually rewarding. No regret should ever come from being loyal and supportive. No one loses in that equation.

In my case of being a public figure…I’ve learned that when you share the good times with the world, the world automatically holds you ransom to share the bad too. So rather… DONT SHARE AT ALL. Lol! I’m kidding.
Share as you please and celebrate Love the best way you know how but always be cognizant of the repercussions and animosity that comes with
sharing those special moments (especially in this age of social media). The most important to remember is that a relationship is between yourself and your partner. And the you two should be the ultimate decision makers. Finish and klaar. Learned this the hard way but hey, no pain, no gain. 🙂

I’ve learned that asking for relationship advice from more than 2 people (2 very close people that you trust with your life) is a set up for failure. Remember your best friend, ‘Gut’? Yeah…s/he is all the advice you need and maybe one or 2 more people with experience in the matter. Anything more than that will confuse and mislead you. And far beyond the
advice/guidance, only you and your partner know the ultimate truth and answers.

I’ve learned that the longer you silently wait on a promise, the more you give it time to manifest into nothingness. Stop trying to turn excuses and empty promises into a bad case of amnesia.

One of toughest lessons is that expectations take away from experiencing the fullness of a being. You miss out on the experience of truly falling in complete, unconditional love. Which is the ultimate and only way to love. You will never experience absolute love if half your heart is blinded by what you are expecting to find and receive from your partner.

The person who loves you will ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS make TIME. Please believe this. Anything else is an excuse. in fact, I genuinely believe that “time” is truly the most romantic gift a lover could give.

The greatest lesson above all else has been the fact that I am a damn good woman. No. I am an Amazing Woman. I’ve learned that I have such beautiful qualities that I don’t give myself enough credit for. I’ve also learned to become a Better Woman. No such thing as flawless. I’m exceptionally flawed with more than enough room to be absolutely,
insanely awesome! 🙂

We all have our equals. No one came here to be alone. But no matter what
happens, no matter the amount of hurt you have experienced…Love is the
ultimate and only reality. It is the most important priority.

Enjoy the journey of finding love Within yourself. And watch it manifest
in your world. ❤️


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