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A few lady friends of mine and I were talking about how much power a broken heart has – and by power, I am not referring to rage, and killing the lover etc. I am talking about the power to destroy the world of its owner. I know many, many ladies who have been hurt by a man – myself included. And I know the damage it can do to a woman’s spirit.

Whether having being hurt physically or emotionally, there is something that a hurt woman loses within her. And what grows inside of her to fill the void of what has been ripped from her soul by a man who didn’t understand her worth is so dangerous.

We meet a young woman, more than frequently ,who has lost her direction, who has lost herself, being called names in the streets – “damaged goods, village bicycle, whore, bitch” not knowing that this is a woman who once cleansed her body with expensive oils, wrapped herself in exotic cloths, spun her body in irresistible scents – all for love. A woman who worshipped love and would bow to kiss its feet…only to have it kick her in the face.

We then see her, with a dull twinkle in her eye, a lost glare – not bothering to know her story. Not caring to understand that this was once a woman who wanted only love, but gave all of hers away to a person who didn’t know love, didn’t have love and didn’t understand the purpose of a heart.

A hurt woman is a numb woman. Do not be surprised & disgusted that she sleeps around, do not spit at her for not following the “rules of the world”, do not abuse her with cold words because you feel that is all she’s worth. A hurt woman is a numb woman. She will try all she can to fill the void. But every unsuccessful try, is a permanent scar to her crumbling soul.

She is not a whore, nor is she trash – she is a woman trying to fill a void. And all she needs is a warm, gentle touch that tells her soul “I care. I love you. You are beautiful. You are strong. You make me happy. And there is nowhere else I would rather be.”

Here’s a short poem by Maya Angelou that inspired this blog:

••• Poor Girl •••

You’ve got another love
And I know it
Someone who adores you
Just like me
Hanging on your words
Like they were gold
Thinking that she understands
Your soul
Poor Girl
Just like me.

You’re breaking another heart
And I know it
And there’s nothing
I can do
If I try to tell her
What I know
She’ll misunderstand
And make me go
Poor Girl
Just like me.

You’re going to leave her too
And I know it
She’ll never know
What made you go
She’ll cry and wonder
What went wrong
Then she’ll begin
To sing this song
Poor Girl
Just like me.


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