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Hey Hunnies 🙂

This week I decided that I am going to take a bold step into the poet’s corner. Yep, I’ve decided it is time I share my majestic, amazing, delightful, unbearably beautiful words with you guys. Ok, whatever – who am I kidding, l’m no Maya Angelou but when I am in that aura of inspiration, I may as well be her. LOL!

So this poem I wrote was written from a place within me which, at the time, felt very unfamiliar. It was a sudden feeling that I knew had always existed but only decided to reveal itself to me at that moment. It was almost as if I had a glimpse of my subconscious – if only for just a few split seconds but it was so strong, I had to find a way to describe it before it wilted from my memory.

At that point, the best way I figured was to write a poem. I would let the feeling take control because then I knew I wouldn’t have to put too much thought into the poem…it would just be a natural flow of words.

It was, definitely, from a place of love – well, my definition of it at the time. It was also from a reflection of the journey I had taken to finally arrive at this place I knew to be love. But all in all, it was honest, it was all I knew in that moment and it was written for a connection that I knew would last eternally.

Here it is. 🙂

••• You and I •••

As I lay in my mind, wandering through the endless thoughts of you.
I escape into a world, a realm made up of you.
Your smile…your laugh…your hidden but glistening purity.
My charm…my happiness…my star, my light and beauty.
Yes, You…my route to thy kingdom so heavenly.

I’m caught up in the rapture of your satisfying love.
I’m caught up in the web of your chocolate skin.
Your honey coated voice conducts the orchestra of my tranquillity to sing.
My joy….my peace of mind…my heart’s keeper.
Yes, You…my King.

Your kindness tickles my heart as my soul rejoices with the grace of your presence.
Your humility entices me…igniting the flames of my weakest, yet strongest desires.
You, alone, are my hearts desire.

It started off with the sweetest taste of sin.
It grew into undeniable lust.
It erupted onto the foundation of our mysterious connection.
And now this larvae, our love – this unexpected heat wave of a lustrous love affair…
Blazes with the fuel of our trust…the untouchable.
Surrounded by WATERING eyes of envy….
Kept strong by the polished wood of our friendship…
Burns on, melting away the unwanted wax of misery.

When it started off with the sweetest taste that very first day…
While it fought through hate, lust and doubt during those difficult days…
I slowly realised, day after day, that it was actually Hope, Trust and God’s love coming together as One….to create a bond….
You and I.


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