My Encounter with Awe: When our eyes met

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So the story of my encounter with Awe continues. Although I had not planned to, as I did not know that destiny would meet me halfway, I decided to write of my experience after our eyes finally met. 🙂

When I laid my eyes on him, I held back from responding to the pace of my heart. I held back from believing that something of this nature actually existed. I refused to believe that I was the one blessed to find something so magical. I froze from the thought of being the chosen one.

You know when something seems too good to be true, one tends to ruin it with questions sparked from a place where you are convinced of how underserving you are of something that was created for only your existence.

I almost ruined a beautiful moment by purposefully flooding my mind with doubts. “This can’t be. It must be a lie. He probably has no idea what he is saying. He must feel sorry for me hence why he is still here.” But after 2 hours of floating in each other’s company, not bothered by the troubles of the outside world, interested only in the moment of being high off the love being emitted from our pores into our little environment – those 2 hours subconsciously allowed me the privilege to accept what it is that we were experiencing as a rare gift given to only those who were willing to have the gift.

My encounter with awe. Our eyes have finally met and my peace has been rejuvenated.

It is almost as if the Universe made a powerful effort to make sure that “awe” was exactly what would ooze from his body, to his voice and every bit of energy that worked tirelessly around his presence. His presence is enough to saturate any negative feeling. His humility is a reflection of complete power & his love is flawless. I have finally laid my eyes on perfection.

He values my world which makes sense because he completes it. And now that we have met, it all makes sense. Everything that had always been missing from my previous encounters & failed to make my heart respond, came together to form something so beautiful. In fact, what I thought was missing was actually perfection in disguise. They were not missing, they were simply waiting on each other to create what they knew my heart longed for. Beauty has only one true identity and its entity was birthed within him.

I have no idea as to where this journey of blessings & pure faith is leading us but this I am sure of – the things we see are temporary and subject to change, and the things we do not see are eternal.

I love him. His mind is propelled by a flow of energy that speaks volumes over all areas of pain. His heart is exactly the type that defines the meaning of life and his phenomenal existence is my spiritual husband.

His heart makes me weak and strong and the indifference is irrelevant. He is such a beautiful spirit and I am freely accepting this energy as we both know that love is evident. I know that his destiny involves a bigger plan. It is written. In God’s diary, in my visions, tattooed on the footprint of the earth – this union, this connection is meant to be. Let it be known that with every breath I grow, he makes me a better woman.

Thank you for choosing me. Thank you for trusting me with your world.

*Dedicated to the one with a heart of a Lion*


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