My encounter with Awe

Hey hunnies

So this is a story about my encounter with awe. My mind has sculpted it into a male figure so as to give more character and make it easier for
the imagination of the reader. LOL!

Our eyes are yet to meet, but I’m convinced that our hearts knew of each other before our existence.

His energy waters the fruits of my soul, and that is the closest I can get to describing what happens within me whenever our energies collide.
In my search for perfection, the trail led me to his energy.

It is as if this force, this special, unique energy was created for me.
It comfortably curved into my hands, as though it was tailor made to be held only by me. It was weird though because when one dreams of finding
something so rich with love, you would expect fireworks in the heart (well, speaking for myself) but it was the complete opposite. I actually
sank into an endless, warm pit of serenity and peace. And that peace was everything I hoped it would be.

But what was the most beautiful surprise was that I started to fall in love with his soul. It was not my intention. I wanted to remain shook and
interested but not in love. I wanted to think about this energy, but I didn’t want it to take over my thoughts.

I was a bit bothered but it felt so good. I went to sleep with a smile on my face everyday…with thoughts of the awe.

He is everything I dream of.
He is smarter than he thinks (humble)
He is confident
He is alive
He is unconventional (refreshing)
He is a beautiful surprise!
He is moved by love, music, God and people. His heart-beat has a unique
rhythm. I love him. I really do. Its easy to love him.

I just want to take him and protect him. I mean we all want to protect
our souls after all. And he is exactly that – my soul. And I love that I
can be myself in the midst of the amazement.

He is so in love with knowledge, that he listens and receives well when I
try to speak light into his life. And he likes me. He genuinely likes me.
How AWEsome is that? He makes me feel like he was created to wait for my

I tell him that he can’t possibly be this amazing. I thought nobody was

He responds by saying that I have made his life and he is just simply
returning the favour. He goes on to say “I really am not that fantastic.
I was made to love you. So its easy for your spirit to receive mine.”


Like I said, our eyes are yet to meet. But our souls continue to
communicate. I await the day that we are one in the realm of our presence.
Let energy reign.

Kind Regards
Boity Thulo

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