The Heart of the Earth

Hey hunnies.

I have decided to dedicate this week’s blog to what I believe to be the heart that keeps the earth going. Without its love, mankind would cease to exist.

She is love. She is earth. She is a woman. She is life.

This precious gift birthed with authority and the golden privilege to give life also carries within her a love so powerful that no man, no cold heart, no blinded soul could ever possess any kind of ability to resist its call.

A gift so natural yet so pure, one would be convinced that God was being too kind to the world when he created the soul of a woman.

To be a woman is nothing short of being the greatest gift to mankind. No one could ever deny the beauty of a woman. No one could ever fully explain the spark deeply carried within the eyes of a woman. It is her birth-given right to glow. She was born to be the strength of the world. She breaths to be your reason for breathing. Her heart beats to strengthen yours. She loves in order to give you life.

And then there are those who have given life. The ones responsible for love. The selfless gems of this earth. You would have to search a mother’s heart to truly know love. My goodness. I can proudly call myself a Legend because I was born to a Goddess who, in my heart and eyes, represents God. She is my only connection on earth to untainted euphoria. She is my source of peace. Her presence multiplies my days on earth. Her heart is my destiny.

I am in love with her. I am her. She is me. My heart resides in her lungs and its every beat is dependent on her breath. She is my soul and I am yet to find anything greater on earth. She is what I know is God’s definition of purity, love, beauty, humility, strength, grace and a sky filled with descriptions of her surreal energy and connection to me.

I could not have picked a better angel and God was simply showing off when He created this woman to be my mother. I have not a clue where I would be without such love. I live because she is. Never will there ever be anything greater than the heart of a mother.

Thank You, Modiehi Thulo
You are my life’s inspiration.

God bless the mothers of this earth. And Thank You, Lord for the love of a woman.


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